Quick Drying


Product Type :
This is premium quality primer based on modified fast drying alkyd resin and specially anti corrosive pigment Zinc Phosphate. Due to its rapid drying properties helps to increase the mass production in short.  The product acts as a tough barrier coat with excellent impermeability to moisture.

Recommended Use:
OEM industries allowing faster handling of coated articles. As primer for marine and chemical environment as in: Pulp and paper mills, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer units, Metal and Engineering industries.



Product Type:
Veespa Q.D.Enamel is first quality enamel specially formulated for the discerning customer who does not settle for anything second best in use. To increase the mass production it helps due to its rapid drying properties. The product has a smooth and uniform finish with good gloss that resists the vagaries of nature like, water, sunlight and moisture.
The Q.D. Enamel is made tough for exterior use and to withstand rugged conditions. Looking for customer requirement, we made it free from lead content. It is used and recommended for finishing any types of surfaces. It is an ideal protective and decorative finish for application on M.S. metal surface for OEM industries allowing faster handling of coated articles.

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